Freesense Batch Excellence™

Data-based recommendations, for an optimal process

Optimizing your processes and reactors is a key step in keeping your company's competitive edge.

By improving homogeneity of your process, your production strain will grow at optimal conditions, increasing your profitability.
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Even the most mature process will see gradients at scale.

With these gradients affecting your organisms, your production strain’s sensitivity to DO and pH can have a huge effect on process outcome.

Measuring these gradients with single-point inline sensors is impossible, so historically engineers were forced to rely on prediction using CFD, or intuition.

Guaranteeing your organism is experiencing optimal conditions can be the ticket to a better process outcome, from higher yields to more consistent output.

Our simple steps to improve your process

Freesense's fermentation experts work with you to understand, characterize, and optimize your process and reactors

Our fermentation experts work with you to understand where potential issues might lie, and what measurements are required


We deploy our unique flow-following sensors into your process to comprehensively measure your reactor conditions


Our data scientists deep dive into the data collected from your reactor, identify issues, and bring recommendations for steps forward

Highly detailed measurements, for data-based recommendations

Our sensors move with the liquid flow in your reactor, collecting measurements of dissolved oxygen, pH, and temperature.

These collected data points are then linked to the position within your reactor, to investigate if certain zones in your bioreactor have suboptimal conditions, and see when and where spikes occur.
Our fermentation experts use this comprehensive data to provide recommendations to your R&D or production teams:
  • Recommended improvements to aeration or agitation
  • Simulation-predicted improvements to feeding points and rates
  • Potential revamp opportunities
  • Proposed downscale experiments to validate recommendations
Industry leading hardware

Meet our sensors

  • Unique patented positioning technology
  • Designed for sterilized and agitated processes
  • High-resolution measurements throughout your full process
  • Miniaturized design for optimal flow behavior
  • USP Class 6 compliant
Seasoned recommendations

Years of proven results

Our expertise and devices have helped key players in industrial biotechnology optimize their processes, troubleshoot problematic batches, and scale-up faster than ever before.
James Zahn PhD
Vice President, Technology & Quality Systems
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“The work we have done with Freesense have resulted in multi-million-dollar (USD) savings to our variable manufacturing cost, and a new understanding of how to optimize our production.”

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