Do you really understand the conditions inside your bioreactor?

Freesense's wireless 3D sensor platform opens up an unparalleled view of the conditions inside your fermentation process
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A single point cannot tell the whole story

Our flow-following sensors enable you to build a complete picture of the DO and pH gradients within your bioreactor, to help you ensure your cells experience the best possible conditions for your process.

The data analysis enabled by Freesense's platform gives you the detailed picture of a CFD model with the trustworthiness of real data from your existing inline sensors.

Simple deployment,
detailed data

Freesense's in-reactor sensors can be sterilized and used in even highly agitated processes or a single-use bioreactor. By collecting data points throughout the liquid volume, you can analyze your process more deeply than ever before.

Sensors are deployed into your steel tank or SUB bag


The sensors follow the liquid flow in the reactor, measuring throughout the volume


Each sensor measurement is associated with a position in the reactor for further analysis

Unlock new process possibilities

Understand your fermentation conditions like never before by using our wireless 3D sensor platform and accompanying analysis methods through every step of your process development, from scale-up to optimization
  • Scale up faster
    with a comprehensive view of the changing conditions in your bioreactors
  • Optimize your production process
    by analyzing gradients and identifying dead-zones, ensuring optimal conditions
  • Monitor for process deviations
    in realtime throughout your fluid working volume
  • Document and validate
    your process in more detail than ever before, with reliable measurements throughout your process
  • Understand your reactor
    by building a model of the flows and conditions within your medium, and how your cells are affected

Find the right solution for your process

Single-Use Bioreactor

Single-Use System

  • Simple sterile injection into standard SUB ports, with add-on monitoring station
  • Real-time monitoring of dissolved oxygen and pH throughout your volume
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Stainless Steel Bioreactor

Batch Excellence

  • Designed for harsh conditions, including highly agitated or highly viscous processes
  • Heat-resistant devices built to withstand industry-standard sterilization procedures
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Proven results

Our devices have helped key players in both industrial biotechnology and pharmaceutical fermentation tune their processes and troubleshoot their batches.
James Zahn PhD
Vice President, Technology & Quality Systems
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“The work we have done with Freesense have resulted in multi-million-dollar (USD) savings to our variable manufacturing cost, and a new understanding of how to optimize our production.”

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